This is all meant to be fun, so we’ll keep the rules as simple as we can.

  • Submit your entry by posting it as a comment below the challenge in screenplay format, by using the Scrippets tool.
  • One submission per entrant.
  • Keep entries to about 600 words (unless otherwise noted in the challenge).
  • We will limit the number of entrants per challenge. If we set a limit of 25 and you’re number 26, sorry. It’s a time issue. We’ve got to read everything, right?
  • Only submit comments that are entries. There will be plenty of time for general comments in the winners announcement posting.
  • Entries may function as shorts or as portions of a larger piece (unless otherwise specified in the challenge).
  • Don’t plagiarize. Submit work that’s yours and yours alone (teams okay).
  • Formatting counts. Content is king, but formatting counts. Use Scrippets tags. Treat this like a professional submission. Use the EDIT tool.
  • Spelling counts. Content is king, but spelling counts. Treat this like a professional submission. Use the EDIT tool.
  • The site is rated “R”. Language and situations can be adult in nature, but not “adult” in nature. Likewise, no hate speech, libel or slander allowed (that isn’t in service of the story). Use your head.
  • We reserve the right to DELETE entries that are deemed inappropriate, or are so incorrectly formatted so as to break the page.
  • Referee(s) decisions are final.
  • Entrants do NOT get individual feedback on their entries. General notes on what worked and what didn’t will be posted with the results.


  • Your entries are yours to do with as you please. We take no ownership or rights to them other than the right to have them here as entries.

I think that’s it. If it becomes necessary to make things more complicated (read ‘legal’) in the future, we will.