Write Club Challenge is first and foremost a FREE SCREENWRITING COMPETITION. We offer regular “challenges” to our community. Members get to enter. The entries are voted on by the readers. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

What do you get? Bragging rights. Satisfaction. A sense of accomplishment. Feedback from the community. Discussion about the things you love. W00T! (Sometimes we offer something more. But that shouldn’t be your motivation… writing should be your motivation.)

Write Club Challenge is run by screenwriters for screenwriters. It’s a fun excuse to write something “on assignment”, to read and comment on fellow writers’ entries, to participate in your community. It might generate interesting conversation around particular writing challenges, or points of format. It may force you to try something new in format or style. Perhaps you’ve been stagnant and need a kick in the ass. In the end, maybe you shouldn’t. It’s really up to you. But we hope you do.

Our intention is to develop a dynamic writer’s community. We think motivation, challenge, and discussion help build that community.